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Nose Section Installation

The last week or so has been very busy. Designing the platform based on advise from experienced cockpit builders on the flightsim forums, getting out to buy the materials and equipment needed for a DIY job to constructing the platform. I decided to make the platform divided into 5 pieces. See design here done as Google Sketchup model. The whole thing when put together measures 2.44m x 2.44m square. The middle section is made of the front piece where the rudder pedals, yokes and MIP will sit, the left and right sections where the captain and F/O seats will be and the pedestal will sit across the seam between  these two sections. The width is exactly 1.56m for these three when they are joined together. The shell rests on the two outer sections on either side. These are 2.44m x 0.44m. The sections are sitting on 3″ caster  wheels and are easy to move around for works to be done on the sim.

I have also mounted the overhead support kit in the shell. I am not yet sure which overhead I will eventually settle on. Simworld, poldragonet, FDS, FlyEngravity, etc. Tough choice.

anyway, see some images below.



The 5 pieces being put together in the garage.20121228_152223

Everything must be done according to the quality inspectors who are now regular visitors into the sim roommwansa_in_cockpit

The platform at manufacturing stage. Clamps used to make sure there will be no ‘limping’ legs when merged.20121226_145808 20121228_152240


Test fitting the instrument panel into the nose section. Notice the middle gap created by pulling out the aft sections. This is exactly what the design needed to achieve. Room to work!!!20121229_100711Everything connected up and switched on for a test flight. Looking good.
20121230_115223 More back wiring. Using cable looms like the ones in cars, we hope to hide some messy wiring. I like this already and will be ordering more of this stuff.20121230_115513 20121229_092552 20121229_092640 20121229_100700 20121229_100640 20121229_092729 20121229_092720 nose_with_lcd 20121230_115518Part of the back wiring. Work in progress

20121230_115624 20121230_115636 nose_fo_view 20121230_120950 20121230_121038